Friday, July 8, 2011

Firefox 4, HTML5 and WebGL: Introduction (how to enable and set up)

Having been in awe with the idea of HTML5 and WEBGL, i have fiddled around with Firefox to get the environment ready.   I have tried with Safari and Chrome, but had no luck.  They all said getting the latest build (nightly build preferably) and usually with a command line " --enable-webgl".

However, if i start developing and distributing little cool apps with html5+webgl.  I certainly cannot ask all my target audience to modify their command line targets.   So, here, i document this 'less-annoying' way such that i could ask my fellow colleagues and research mates to run what i build for them.

Setting Things Up

1) Download and Install Firefox (latest version, as of writing, im using Firefox 5.0.

2)  Once Firefox is installed, in the address bar, input the following:

3) then it may prompt for a warning, click "I'll be careful, i promise"  because i will show you what you need to configure without breaking anything

4) in the filter input textbox, input the following:

5) Double click the row webgl.force-enabled (the corresponding value column would change from false to true)

Testing and Demo

1) To test html5+webgl, i refer you to this website (  Let it load for a bit, and after its done, scroll to 'webgl'.  Your score should be greater than 20. (In my setting, it gave me 23/25)

2) To see the webgl demo, i refer you to this website (  Why? Because it is showing 3D and it has good interactive mouse control!

Good luck, drop me a msg / comment if you need help.

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