Thursday, July 7, 2011

List of Konger's Fruits in English

Growing up with the variety of fruits in HK, i  always wonder either the Chinese word for this or English translation for that.   I tried to google a similar list but had no luck.   So hopefully, this serves as a good reference for you and for me.


火龍果 (Pitaya)

山竹 (Mangosteen)

大樹波蘿 (Jackfruit)

番石榴 (Guava)

黃皮 (Chinese Wampi)

哈密瓜 (Hami Melon)


紅毛丹 (Rambutan)

龍眼 (Longan)

蓮子 (Lotus Seed)


無花果(Common Fig)

杏子 (Apricot)

牛油果 (Avocadro)

石榴 (Pomegranate)

布霖 (Plum)

甘蔗 (Sugarcane)

Send me more you know or you don't know!!

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